add loading screen link logger with loading screen add loading screen traductions add new objects to shops & crafts add steps in story to bring the player to the mansion make possible to put paths add craftability of paths add paths in shops add save compatibility manager (to allow older save to be updated automatically)

– 2.6.3 patch

2.6.3 Released with some bug fixes: add text infoirmation on what to do if error happen fix requested number to craft in craft menu replaced by “…” in some cases add nature / personnalities to special characters fix conversations that talks about a special character shouldn’t be said by himself fix conversations answers weird placement


First trailer of Kyma Maker’s Island is available on Youtube!

Gronk and Phocid

2 Villagers: Gronk (on the left) and Phocid (on the right). On this image, they don’t have their clothes but they will have them for winter ! Release may be at the end of 2020

Into the mines!

To get some resources, you may need to go in the mines and dig to find some resources as stones, ores & mushrooms. You can also find abandonned mines!