3.2.26 – City Update

The City Update Is here! With I a Textual Roleplay, a Randomly generated Newspaper and a Cinema with a short movie! I also made a lot of code rework / bug fixes! Devlog video : rework generation of city add park add graveyard add cinema add cinema movie “Rain” add Glork add Kabou add Newspaper 3.2.26 – City Update

3.1.25 – Patch notes

City update still in WIP, don’t hesitate to join the Discord, I post some news on it. I will add more features & optimizations too, it’s the main reason why recent updates take longer to come out, to send the best updates possibles! – fix manor door disappearing when loading already existing game– fix internal 3.1.25 – Patch notes

3.1.23 Patch notes

Bug fixes, optimizations with rework of villagers actions and city generation. Next update will be a City Update with new generation and items! rework of City Manager, with rework of generation system (introduction for the 3.2.X City Update) add text next to the cursor for interactable & collectable objects under it fix wiggling collisions when 3.1.23 Patch notes

3.1.15 – Patch notes

Various fixes for the Big Update. fix “error null image” for useless book background fix sugar canes and hop plant display in inventory (full sprite is displayed instead of 1 part) fix tools rendering on displays fix conversation unwanted “+” fix quick access bar offset with keybindings fix sprite outside of item frame in inventory 3.1.15 – Patch notes

2.9.11 – Bug fixes & optimizations

Here is the patch! It includes Linux and Mac versions, with a lot of optimizations in ram usage and some bug fixes!Now the game will take ~20-25% less ram while running. I reworked conversations and notifications UIs too, now it has colors on importants words, and quests notifications are at the center-top of the screen.Next 2.9.11 – Bug fixes & optimizations

2.9.1 – Tech Update part 1

add tools durability, making them breakable add plasma ball add data wires add pressure plates add science poster add lever add electrical retractable wall add programmation tool (for tech update part 2) add save of data tag (for tech update part 2) fix electrical light with animated sprite – first frame is not skipped rework 2.9.1 – Tech Update part 1

2.8.5 – AI Update

Release note: change maximum chances for a villager to give a quest (33 -> 15%) fix blooby not displayed in intro rework map colors (fix too close colors for construction on map) rework villager update method (cleaner code, removed sources of potential errors / crash) rework villagers actions managing system fix villager can walk while 2.8.5 – AI Update

– 2.6.3 patch

2.6.3 Released with some bug fixes: add text infoirmation on what to do if error happen fix requested number to craft in craft menu replaced by “…” in some cases add nature / personnalities to special characters fix conversations that talks about a special character shouldn’t be said by himself fix conversations answers weird placement – 2.6.3 patch