First trailer of Kyma Maker’s Island is available on Youtube!

Gronk and Phocid

2 Villagers: Gronk (on the left) and Phocid (on the right). On this image, they don’t have their clothes but they will have them for winter ! Release may be at the end of 2020

Into the mines!

To get some resources, you may need to go in the mines and dig to find some resources as stones, ores & mushrooms. You can also find abandonned mines!

Hello everybody !

Kyma Maker’s Island (or Kyma) is a social simulation / rpg video game for PC. You will have to find your missing mother. Outside this main quest, the game has a nonlinear gameplay. You can go mining ores, craft objects, learn technologies and even making friendships. Kyma Maker’s Island is a game developed completely solo