Note from the dev

Hello there !

I’m writting this note to bring some news about the game development !

Why is it so long ?

2 main reasons :
– This is the biggest rework of the game and its engine I had to do to make next updates easier and the code more clean.
– I had productivity & motivation problems this summer, but I’m back on the rails !
I may do a devlog about this update explaining more, this time in french but subtitled in English to make it easier & faster for me to make!

Content of this update

As I said before, it’s mainly a big rework update. It means most part of my work won’t be a lot visible for you, but I reworked UI of the game, now more colorful & easy to read. It will also include new game mechanics for the future & some surprises, I will let you discover !

Release date for this rework update

I will give you more informations when I can, don’t hesitate to join the Discord, I will post news on it again when I will send the pre-release for people that are not afraid to try an unstable version !

Thanks for playing !