3.1.12 – THE BIG UPDATE & new Trailer!


I’m back after a long time with a big update including 6 differents “small” updates (see the release note bellow). The game is now more fluid, more stable and looks better with a big rework of many systems and sprites in the game!


Events update 2/2 with new Content:
• add Calm Frog event with cinematics for every season and every case possible
• add skip button on videos if already watched 1 time
• link conversations default button and other buttons with “enter” key
• add things in “how to play for dummies”
• add conversations to explain how to play
• add new trigger data for quests with videos
• add amaranth
• add distaff
• add grass 3
• add daisy
• add sugar cane
• add hop and hop plant
• add beer barrel
• add music for intro & loading screen

Reshape / better looking game Update:
• rework 580+ sprites images (texture added & luminosity / colors changed)
• change musics from mp3 to wav (better quality)
• rework update of sprites sizes

Insects update:
• add insects system
• add fly
• add firefly
• add gonepteryx rhamni
• add bats
• add albinos bats (very rare)
• add Cacyreus marshalli
• add bee
• add wasp
• add net
• add translations

Weather Update:
• add weather
• add leaves falling
• add rain
• add thunder storm
• add thunder storm sfx
• add system to make weather not present inside constructions (yeah there are roofs ofc)
• add rain sfx
• add snow

Bug fix and UI improvment Update:
• fix robot code gui
• fix book gui
• rework code gui for robot (looks like a real console, with text wrapped for better understandability)
• fix margin on lights
• fix city street lamps emits lights but renders as if it’s turned off
• reduce cooldown between each player’s interactions
• code cleaning
• rework items rendering size in inventory (for items with small image)
• add more specific try catch for more stability (the game will keep running if there is a minor / rare error, thing that will not happen ofc but just in case)
• rework parts of the code related to tools (more clean and clear)
• fix phocid with no face
• fix trash bin transparency & mouse detection
• fix mine entrance width (4 -> 3)
• fix net collision
• fix metal detector sound effect too low (x2 & x3)
• add right click to release / drop item
• align objects in list on the left (not centered, useless & not user friendly)
• fix robot keep moving forever when on programming menu
• list key bindings to the right
• split game objects with colliders and gameObjects without colliders
• reduce number of conditions each update
• change hole position when useing shovel (more accurate)
• reduce number of insects & weather sprites
• reduce number of foreach loop and remove useless parallel use
• split game objects with light emitters or remove / rework light emitters
• add more time between each wind iteration
• fix rendering of items in craft menus
• fix craft furnitures duplication when trying to destroy
• fix render of ground when map changed
• fix constructions colliders
• fix items game objects sprites bug rendering
• close UI if click outside of it (go back in game)
• fix some conversations
• increment size between quick access bar and rest of inventory
• add life on rocks outside
• fix key released not computed if window is not focused
• fix fps drop when in debug colliders mode in night
• add possibility to plant things on sand and dirt paths
• add ability to dig holes in sand
• fix save file size increase in some cases, leading to lost of the save and bigger loading time
• 50+ bug fixes

Optimization update:
• rework rendering list creation and populating system
• optimization / more fps (+15-20% on some computers)
• disable image smoothing on tiles & walls to avoid unwanted spaces between (precalculated smoothing)
• optimization: tiles under walls / minewalls & paths hiding it are not longer displayed
• change effect on buttons when hovering & clicking it
• change every size of the GUI from pixels to centimeters (Mouse included)

• rework Steam page
• create trailer V2