3.0.0 – Story and events update part 1/2

The first part of the update is out! With logic gates, first part of the manor, different walls available in diy shop & crafts, small birds and wind in the trees and small optimizations (less ram used & less calculations made) and bug fixes (rework of GUI code for less bugs).
New cinematic system for the intro and small events of the part 2 with maybe the first mobs, this 2nd part should be released in september!

– add 7 logic gates (and, or, nor, not..)
– add part 1 of manor
– add birds and random wind
– add walls
– change intro order discussions
– add videos / cinematic system
– rework intro (in game -> video)
– add “only color” sprite
– small optimization (less ram usage for sand & grass textures)
– add walls to shops & crafts
– add logic gates to crafts & shops
– fix furniture preview broken sometimes
– fix error null image in diy shop
– change default status to “off” for levers & lights furnitures
– add new sfx for villagers
– add emotions sfx
– set electrical light activation available by hand
– add close button on menus (programming tool, logic gates, etc..)
– fix UI problems
– fix clothes rendering in inventory
– add meteo manager base (wind only for the moment)
– change distance calculation for built-in method
– fix trees don’t wiggle correctly with new sprite system
– optimization for collision detection (-50% to -80% less calculations)
– optimization for sprite rendering checkups (-50% to -80% less calculations)
– add small camera animation when map changed
– fix 10+ small bugs