2.9.11 – Bug fixes & optimizations

Here is the patch! It includes Linux and Mac versions, with a lot of optimizations in ram usage and some bug fixes!
Now the game will take ~20-25% less ram while running. I reworked conversations and notifications UIs too, now it has colors on importants words, and quests notifications are at the center-top of the screen.
Next update, on story, should be here by the end of the month.

  • separate loot notifications and events / quests notification (more user friendly, easier to see)
  • add coloration of text on conversations and quests notifications, more user friendly
  • add linux and mac to platforms available, rework windows build with retrocompatibility of saves
  • rework image & sprite systems for constructions, plants and trees (all objects with seasons) (less ram usage)
  • reduce items sprites sizes (too big for its usage) ~75% less ram usage of item sprites
  • rework constructions lights system (less ram usage)
  • reduce furnitures sprites image (remove useless transparent pixels on some of them)
  • rework windows sprites system
  • fix mouse image too big on mac
  • fix too big window to restart game on small screens
  • fix error when 1/2 & 1/4 textures sizes
  • add default image when image not found
  • change characters to UTF-8 ones (some arent displayed correctly on some systems)
  • rework monitoring system to get computer config on linux and mac too (wip, may be improved)
  • fix save don’t work on linux systems
  • rework key parameters view – remove automatically with nothing if double keys
  • fix inventory height too big after using some menus on some computers
  • rework ui (for small screens)
  • fix 5+ minor bugs
  • fix crashes on some computers