2.7.6 patch

Bug fixes & optimizations.

Release note:

  • fix physics (end of collision not detected in some cases)
  • rework trigger system (less useless method calls)
  • edit doors colliders (easier to interact with mouse)
  • fix market place wrong positions of stands
  • fix event triggers weren’t based on the correct year
  • fix misspelles in 3 conversations
  • change font size in some cases (easier to read)
  • rework mouse cursor images to bigger images (easier to see)
  • fix some items can’t be sold
  • fix naked villagers bug, with less useless calls on pre-rendering method of villagers
  • fix market NPC rendering (must be behind stands)
  • fix dxdiag log file not saved correctly
  • fix fatal crash on some computers with dxdiag
  • fix crash linked to loading of intro
  • fix collision interpolation can glitch a lot
  • replace tool animation synchronization bug fix with cleaner fix
  • rework furniture with data pre-rendering
  • fix various rendering glitches
  • add ability to destroy paths with hammer
  • add collision pre-calculation for rendering
  • rework sprite rendering (cleaner code, more stable)